Phase 3:

Coordinating payday and beyond

Phase 3 Illustration

3.0 How do I ensure a smooth payday?

It is very important to be ready for possible pay day challenges.

Possible payday challenges Solutions
Workers unfamiliar with digital payment and need support for first pay day. Ensure that salaries are paid in the morning, and that workers have time during the day to check the balance on their new account.

Encourage workers to operate their account on their own during the payday/at the cash out point. Workers tend to handover their phone/card and pin number to the agent and ATM guard to cash out on their behalf, this situation should be monitored.

Assign two people from HR and/ or admin department per 2,000 workers, to assist them at the cash out points. In particular ensure female workers are supported.

Request the Financial Service Provider to have cash out agents/ mobile ATM if available, present at the factory for the first three pay days.

Encourage workers to spread out their salary withdrawals to avoid lines at cash out points on paydays.
Errors in payments or missing payments. Encourage Financial Service Provider to be available on payday, in case of errors.
High demand on cash out points from workers wanting to cash out on payday. Reconfirm liquidity requirements with Financial Service Provider, and identify additional support needed.
Women might need extra support if the new payroll leads to issues for them with their families. Organize support and sharing groups, provide helplines, community support and counselling.

Have at least one woman in the troubleshooting and support team.
Women might feel unsafe visiting agents or ATMs. Give priority to women and workers with less exposure to technology at cash out points within the factory area.

Ensure safety for female workers and organize groups that can go to ATMs and agents together.
Top Tip

Keep track of all challenges faced on payday so that they can be mitigated for future paydays. Review each payday with the Digitization Task Force and Financial Service Provider to make improvements for the future.

3.1 How do I on-board new workers?

Once the factory has been digitized, it is important to put in place a system to add new workers to the digital payroll.

New worker has digital account under his/her name?
Mobile graphic

Include directly in the digital payroll system

Support worker in opening account and provide RISE Transform Financial Health digital training on wage digitization

Digitization Task Force
Top Tip

Use RISE Transform Financial Health Tech Learning tool for staff on-boarding.

3.2 How do I put in place a worker and management feedback mechanism?

A feedback mechanism should be set up to allow workers to share any concerns or challenges every month. It is also recommended to conduct a survey following the initial digitization period to assess the satisfaction levels of workers and managers during and after the payday.

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